Monday, October 30, 2006

Some Kind of Demon

I had my final confrontation with the travel agency today; I got a refund of 340$, in cash. That's not too bad, considering that one can live tolerably well here for 20 days on that much money. This still leaves them with a rather ridiculous profit, but I have the satisfaction of letting them know what I think of their tactics.

I'll be leaving Delhi tommorow morning for Srinagar, Kashmir, where I hear there are lakes, mountains, and relatively few people. I'm in good spirits, and at the same time exhausted from the tension of all this. So, I'm going to get reasonably drunk.

Rajasthan has a highly developed and amusing puppeteering tradition, and I have some videos which seem appropriate.

A horse and his ass...

Some kind of demon...


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I loved hearing your laugh

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