Sunday, October 29, 2006

Two-Part Chew

I took the train back to Delhi last night: it's a long story. The short version; I'm trying to get some of my money back from that scheming travel agency. The more people I talk to about how this racket works, the less willing I am to be a victim. So, today I had a round of shouting match phone calls with Tariq (the breast obsessed driver of my first day in town) from Incredible India Voyages.

I feel uncomfortable talking about money, and I dislike confrontation, so I was afraid to make the initial call. But I dislike being taken advantage of even more, and in the heat of argument I found myself enjoying it. It's nice to talk rather than listen. And it's liberating to drop your manners once in a while and try to out-yell and out-curse the person on the other end of the line. I'm going to store this knowledge for the next time I need it.

This matter should be resolved by 3pm tommorow, or I'll be heading for my embassy to complain.

And on an unrelated note; Troy, this two-part chew is for you.


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