Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Gobi's Edge

I'm now in a town the name of which I couldn't pronounce when I read it and cannot remember now. I can't remember things I can't pronounce. It's on the edge of the Gobi, which we left today, and which was amazing. Really amazing. I'm reeling with amaze.

I'm also ready for civilization. By that I mean: chairs, tables, showers, hot water whenever I frieking want it, and that glorious drink that makes kings and gods out of whores and beggars, coffee. Ah, for a cup of coffee at a table after a shower.

Kevin, to my dismay, there are no inter-gers. Sorry, I was hoping too. But these people hang cheese, not wires from their ceilings.

Jef, I really wish I could have participated in your video experiment in narcissim.

Mary, we're going to have a catfight over my dog. Not really. It's a comfort to me to know he's with people who love him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about we go for coffee December 25th. On me.
-Chicken Bone

6:41 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous maryeats said...

You will fare far better in India. Major cities have coffee bars like no one's business. "Baristia," is a personal favorite. You must try the saag panner panini. Also the frequent chai breaks provide a nice jolt of sugar and caffiene.

10:35 PM GMT-5  

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