Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ok, I'm Back

The beach, the holiday season, travel weariness, all sorts of personal and public events and dilemas, and various technical difficulties have conspired to keep me from writing anything coherent for some time. By now, the scenes of the following posts are far behind me; I'm in Bangalore where, after a day of searching, I've finally located a computer that can load this page, so I'm going to spend today, and maybe tommorow, bringing you (and me) up to date. My departure for the far off fairyland of the USA is scheduled for February 19th, but I'm trying to extend my stay. An old travel friend, Talia Winch, joined me in Goa about a week ago, which puts a new spin on the travel experience. Extending my stay involves a trip to Sri Lanka to renew my passport, which is about to expire, and to obtain a new Indian visa. If I can get all that together in time, I'll be heading home at the begining of April, or so I tell myself. A few nights ago I chased a frog around our room, and I was pretty excited when I finally caught it.

Talia got caught up in the fun and took this picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're beautiful
<3 chicken bone

7:26 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as beautiful as chicken bone! Keep writing, once again I'm transported out of the routine and regular. April? Okay then, we'll probably see you by August? I think the law of possession of dogs takes over after 6 months - at least in Paul's law book! M.

7:44 PM GMT-5  

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