Saturday, September 02, 2006

Faith Like A Mustard Seed

However, the next day's theft was not at all interesting, rather it was extremely irritating. I left my glasses on the windowsill of my dorm room, and when I went to retrieve them, they were gone. The window was open, and there was a hand sized hole in the screen.

I should have know my luck would be mixed, because both of these guys (that's the Big Daddy Lama on the throne behind the pole) are in town. I saw the one who looks like a real-estate agent on TV in a convenience store healing really sick, really pitifull looking Mongolians. He could be legitimate. I don't know why I assume that he's not; all it takes is a little faith, right?

The fact that anyone would want another person's prescription specs bespeaks the poverty of this country. The combined total cost of the electronic gadgetry and high-tech, ultra, dura, all-weather gear that I carried on my person through customs is more than the average GDP per capita, roughly US $ 1,900.

Peace, love and understanding aside, these guys play pool outside the guest house from dawn to dusk, and if I see one of them sporting my specs, I'm going to poke his eye out with a pool cue. Not really, I'll just get my glasses back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can you function w/out glasses? M.

1:45 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Desiree said...

I have prescription sunglasses, and my vision is good enough that I don't run into things.

3:04 AM GMT-5  

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